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A Brief Company History


Southern Silkscreen 1979

The company was incorporated as Southern Silkscreen, Inc in 1979, and opened for business in January of 1980 with one employee.  The new company had a silkscreen press, a small die cutter, and no customers.  The plan was to produce paperboard sleeves for the burgeoning video tape market.

The company quickly moved into offset printing and production of 8" and 5.25" floppy disk envelopes, and video and audio tape packaging.  The company opened a roll label facility in 1982, and changed its name to J.R. Cole, Industries, Inc.

The decline and eventual disappearance of the magnetic media industry prompted the company to transition into packaging for the markets it serves today, including health care, spirits, and other consumer products.

The company continues to be privately held with currently 180 employees located in 200,000 square feet of operational space.

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